Western Digital Black WD1002FAEX Health bad


Yesterday I was using Defraggler from piriform to do a defrag, and I suddenly got a Disk Health: bad, and checked SMART, and all was 0, all SMART attributes was with error and bad, temperature was 0º (of course incorrect) a new disk with about 1 year and half, then I canceled the defrag and only have done a chkdsk (just chkdsk) on restart, then it took too much time, but at this time when I opened Defraggler, and I checked the Disk Health: good, also all SMART attributes was right.

It was a bug?

I think so because I was running Norton 360 Scheduled malware search and Defraggler simultaneously.

Then I put the WD diagnostic tool running, and done a quick test and extended test and I got all tests OK and passed.

Well, I let you 7 screenshots and please analyze this and say me if all is ok, and if all SMART attributes are there and OK or is someone attribute missing, or I should take it to warranty.



WD Diagnost tool:

HD Sentinel:

Thank you.



If it passed both quick and extended test on WD DLG then it means the drive is in good health


Well and about this…?

HDD Regenerator

HD Sentinel says all is ok

It looks me strange.