Wester Digital Cavior Blue 500GB

I have 500GB Cavior Blue SATA HDD in which i got hang problems also my files got currupted i.e. getting Read Error over there also System PC freeses sometime HDD is properly Detected but tacking sucking time to load. So i got tired so i send my HDD to WD they replace it and after that my system running properly. Then aftr 3 months i got Same issues thing WD HDD [Deleted] not running properly for atleast 1 yr. then i have send HDD to WD also send My Intel Orignal Board to Intel,Transcend RAM for Checking. All my products are come back by exception that all are proper without WD that HDD have problem. [Deleted] .WD Poor…Also so DELL have started using TOSHIBA HDD because of WD poor replacement issues.it is now started on my system again frees and all that now it [Deleted]

Hello Mate,

I’ll suggest you to run the WD DLG tool, also if the drive is defective try to request another drive model…