Weird share behavior with a "homes" share

I am now using my WDMyCloud to backup a Synology NAS.

On the WDMyCloud I have only one admin account, created by default upon complete restore of the NAS. I don’t have an “admin” share for that user.

The Synology has a “homes” share to enable a home share for each Diskstation user. I therefore created a “homes” share manually on the MyCloud.

After I create this share, the WDMycloud started publishing the “homes” share and… the “admin share”. When I backed up the content to “homes”, it went to the “admin” share. Often, the connection to the share would fail, etc.

When I deleted the “homes” share on the WdMycloud, both the ghost admin and homes share disappeared.

I concluded I couldn’t have a share called “homes” on the MyCloud and created a “userhomes” share to avoid the problem.

The whole thing might be obvious to Linux experts (maybe “homes” is a reserved thing), but it seem to point to some problem with the firmware.

Are you seeing similar behavior? Does it only happen when the NAS has the default admin account?

Sounds weird as though they are symlinked and IMHO there’s no such homes reserved. Have you tried creating both homes share and admin share and see if the path crossed?

I have renamed my default admin and has its own shares, in fact I added another admin user will several other normal users. So I can’t really test this…

Just to clarify, I was describing share behavior I could observe in Windows network explorer. In the NAS UI, the “homes” share behavior is normal.

Upon creating the “homes” share, synching to “homes” and seeing the “admin” there with the content destined to “homes”, I tried various things like doing a system reset, and repeating the same sequence (with same results), deleting the newly created “homes” share (and I saw the “admin” share stay there); I eventually did another system only reset and created a share with another name.

Net net, I have worked around the issue, and I admit I am too lazy to file and manage a bug report for this. Just weird…