Weird diskusage for some folders

Hello WD Community

I would like to know why it is that it’s saying that many of my folders are using more disk space then the size of the files.

Here is from a extreme case in the screenshoot, where we are inside of the backup folder from my old server.

wd-wrong diskspace.jpg

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Does the same thing happen when you try to check the folder from a different computer on the same network ?

sadly I cant check that, because the only other windows ( in general GUI pc ) I have at home at this moment is my windows 10 preview, and it cant connect to the nas for some reason

EDIT: I have now got connection from my windows 10 pc and tested ( mapped the nas share as drive b ).

The result are the same


(Never mind – I need to check something else first)…

I have started testing some thing and that behavior is actually showing on both my WD nas drives and not on other nas drives from other company’s that I have.

Could it really be right that WD nas drives have a problem with lots of small files?

if you look at the folder “p085th45.default”, that is a backup profile copy of thunderbird, and dropbox-backup does not have so many small files, because lets say image files is mostly 5mb+ because of use of dslr camera, and server  is a backup copy of my linux server on file level ( not zip/tar.gz packed backup ), and the folders have not counted to the end, but it was just to grab a status image to update the thread

Here is a screenshoot from the test with several folders on the nas, just to verify that it not just was that one folder there had issues

Log in via SSH and see what the actual space on disk is via the “du” command.

My guess is it’s Samba reporting it incorrectly.

Similar thread posted here, but was never answered:

EDIT: Jus a test from the thunderbird backup, and I’m right now copying the thunderbird folder to my windows 10 to see what it says locally on windows 10

MyBookLive:/DataVolume/shares/Public# du --max-depth 0 -b p085th45.default/6428764810 p085th45.default/MyBookLive:/DataVolume/shares/Public# du --max-depth 0 -h p085th45.default/14G p085th45.default/MyBookLive:/DataVolume/shares/Public# du --max-depth 0 -b server/375856372029 server/MyBookLive:/DataVolume/shares/Public# du --max-depth 0 -h server/378G server/

EDIT: Here is where I tryed to copy the folder to windows 10 result


My only guess is that folder is full of files which are just over the block boundery of 65,536 bytes.

Doing rough math, the size of files is 6.5 GB for 140 thousand files / folders.  That’s an average of 46 KB per file.

But if each file were actually closer to 65 KB, then you’d have about 9 GB of “wasted” space.

thanks for the answer, I guess then that I have to take the drives out of the wd nas servers and then drop going with WD anymore, because about 50% af the content of both WD nas is smaller files because of rsync backups