Website will not let me create RMA

Is the website down?
Clicking on create RMA in my support portal only takes me to a page that says it will guide me through steps to create an RMA.
There are no steps and it takes me to the same page no matter where I click(In my support portal home page or next “create RMA” next to my registered product).
Is there any place “page” I can go to that indicates that the WD support portal website is down or not functioning properly?

it is working for me. What link are you trying to log in at? can you post some screen shots of the errors you are getting? maybe someone from wd support will be able to help you out.

same here.i cant create a rma request.same as u described

Can u send me the link

Hi, did anyone manage to create an RMA?

may i know if you already manage to create an RMA?