Webportal just sits at a blank screen with the WD MyCloud logo

Yesterday I was deleting users off the drive. Old user that happens been used in months. I deleted one user and the drive instantly loses network connection. I wait ~30 minutes and disconnect and reconnect the device. It was flashing a white light and the webportal didn’t work. I figured out the how to get it back to a solid blue but the webportal just loads normally. A error flashes so fast I tried for about an hour to get a print screen of it but no luck. After the error flashes, it just a blank white screen with the WD My Cloud logo in the Top Left to the center. I know for a fact the user I deleted wasn’t the admin as well. I was no where close to the admin account on the list and was about 40 users down the list.

Hi, have you tried a different browser? Have you tried resetting the drive by pressing the reset button in the back?

Chrome Edge and IE all do the samething. Hitting the reset button would make the drive loses it network settings and be a real pain to get back on the same settings.

I tried the 4 second reset and the same thing is still up.

I’ll try the 40 second one after some more trouble shooting.