Webdav transfer speed

So while i’ve setup webdav on my wd cloud drive such that i can access my shares via WEBDAV. The file transfer speed to the drive with that method seems to max out between 9-10MB/s (megabytes) on a gigabit wired LAN.

My samba speeds are easily over 60MB/sec.

During the file transfer apache takes about 60% cpu. No other running load on the drive.Anything i can optimize for apache? Could it be a cache, memory issue?


I have the same CPU usage too but this doesn’t happen only with Apache2, even others like SMB, FTP is the least 30%.

But for WebDav I’m getting about 52MBps on lan and 30MBps on wan.

I guess Fw 4.x is helping you out there too just like it does for SMB. as you had said, perhaps the 64k page size is responsible for higher speeds…