WebDAV question?

I have been trying to solve an issue where I have 2 computers at work with Windows XP pro. One computer opens files fine using WD2go access but the other computer can SEE the files but gets an access denied type of error when trying to open files. I can create a new folder NO PROBLEM using the problem machine but have NO access opening files, pictures,pdf,excell etc. I have been researching WebDAV and this seems to be something worth looking at.

Try downloading the latest Java update or also using another web browser.

Thank you for your reply. I tried both your suggestions and neither worked. I keep thinking the one XP computer has something missing or misconfigured but I really don’t know what to look for. Everything looks great during the log in and opening up the share in windows explorer. I can see the drive and navigate through all the folders. I can even create a new folder but when I go to open a file I get an access denied message. When I set the drive up at home I did so on a Windows 7 Pro computer. Everything went smoothly. I did not install the software CD on the Windows 7 computer that came with the drive because it appeared not to be necessary. Should I have done this??