Web file viewer unresponsive/timing out even with new firmware

I reported an issue with not being able to see my files after the last firmware update (1.03.41).  I didn’t get any help yet on that issue (I think it has to do with permissions).  Anyway, I had an idea to use the web file viewer to copy my files a few at a time from the folders I can’t see in Windows to a new directory I created in the same volume which I can now see in Windows.  It seems to work but only a few files copied before I got an error saying that the pages are unresponsive.

So I upgraded to the new firmware (1.04.04) where I read the problem with the unresponsive pages was fixed.  I still got a message where it says the pages are unresponsive.  If I selected Wait, the file transfer eventually resumed.  After the 32 files transferred, I then got an error message which said that the dashboard timed out and I had to log in again.  When I did the next larger directory, the dashboard timed out before the directory was copied to the new location but it appears the file transfer is still taking place.  So it appears the issue has “sort of” been fixed as I wan’t getting the unresponsive message on the second directory but I was getting the dashboard timing out.

Since the “fix” I have will entail transferring thousands of large files, this is going to be a tedious adventure.  I notice in the files I can’t see in Windows, the owner = root, group = root.  The new directory I created, where I can see the files in Windows has owner=nobody, group=allaccount.  I appears that something is going on with permissions that I don’t understand which is not allowing me to see the files

I have passed this along to support. Regards,

good luck

i would say to you to do a system restore but in your case its better to recover your data first and try to restore the system later