Web File Viewer does not show folders other than public

I can’t see any non-public folders using Web File Viewer application.
Permissions are set correctly. I see this folders on mycloud.com.
My Cloud EX2 firmware version is 2.11.133.

thanks, m.

I found problem and it looks like bug. Because when I removed users and groups and recreate only users, everythink work. But when I created some user group, non-public share permisssions doesn’t work. Can anybody confirm this behaviour?


Did you manually assign the permissions to each individual Share per User?

Yes, Share per User has it’s default permissions. What I did:

  1. Create 2 users (2 Shares per User are automatically created)
  2. Create share named “family”
  3. Create user group FAMILY with read/write access to share “family”
  4. Add 2 previously created users to group FAMILY

I made other tests and it seems that if user is member of any group, than he can see only public shares and no permissions are applied. it works if user is not member of any group. But you have problem if you delete group without removing user from it.