Web file viewer annoyance / alternative firmware

[Deleted - Be respectful]

With more than 200 dirs on one of my USB drives, I have to scroll-wait-scroll-wait-scroll-wait-scroll-wait for many times to get to the last ones. Sometimes dark overlay freezes and locks up the viewer, so I have to refresh the page and once again do the scroll-wait-scroll-wait-scroll-wait-scroll-wait rite. This is annoying. And stupid.

But I’m not suggesting to fix it. WD software engineers don’t listen to users sane suggestions anyway (this is why I suggested the insane one) and only care about how web-interface looks, instead of how it works. Instead I’d like to ask if there is a lite/different/nonWDdumb version of firmware that is appliable to My Cloud EX2 with SAMBA and DLNA support that can be installed on top of current WDdumb firmware without loss of data.

Is there?


Let’s see if any of the users on the community can share some information about it.

Be respectfull? Last update forced me to do 5 minute marathon every time I need to move big stuff among my drives. How much of respect had “firmware engineers” shown me there? Put my initial suggestion back, so they would actually see what people think about their innovative UI ideas! And configurable fan_controls request is still being ignored. For many years. How respectfull is that?

The hypocrisy levels are insane here.