We want to see in the new generation of WD device innovations

If you plan to make a new generation media player, on your new media player device,

1) Currently the WD device is any reason frost, when locked, we want to restart the device, we’re having to insert and remove the power cord. This is very inconvenient. After the device freezes, the menu is “restart” of the menu is useless.
Please, your new device, I would ask you to place the ON-OFF switch.

2) There are currently overheating problem on my device I use WD; Warming problem, not only me, a lot’s problems. Like me, who live in this problem, I have many friends.
WD signs of warming device:
a) The device WD, quite quickly navigate menus when it first opened. But 30-40 minutes after slowing down to scroll through the menu it is heavy. In this case, the WD 's use becomes torture.
b) the device is switched on after 30 to 40 minutes, you touch your hand to the device, it’s very hot.
c) After watching the movie first, second or third film while watching the film can be frozen. The menus are also very slow to navigate. When you tap the device is getting hotter and hotter.
**d)**film without moving, even if you are in any action, even if the device wait at the main menu, the device is warming up again, can freeze.
e) the device goes into screen saver activity, 30 - 60 minutes later, it can freeze.
f) If I watch 1080P movies, further increases the possibility of overheating and freezing.

The cause of the slowdown and freezing problems warming that, after one year, I was able to understand.
I have the overheating problem, I figured as follows:
I bought a “notebook cooler” buy. The WD device, put it on the notebook cooler. And WD 's hooked up to a USB port.
And the result:
I solved the heating problem.
WD my device, even if I watch hours of movies, navigate menus quickly and smoothly. When I touched the device, cold. WD device does not heat up. I also count up, none of the overheating problem does not occur.
I solved the problem of my own.
Please your new device, we ask you to solve the overheating problem.

3) on the device’s main menu, the current network connection, wired, or is that the wireless did, we would like to show.

Best regards…

Hi there,

Thanks for the feedback, this are some good suggestions, hopefully in case a new version of the media player does come out this can be taken to consideration.

Thank you,
The reason I use the failures and shortcomings of the WD player, have a very good image quality and black levels of the video, as well as 99% of all formats precise recognition. Pros outweigh the cons.
I did Feedback Western Digital.
We hope they overcome the shortcomings of the new version.

have a nice day…

Do you have reason, the device over heating, but is the better product I used, easy, play iso files, conect easy, need more hardware like cpu, memory and wifi. Maybe if you put a usb pen drive maybe can use as more space or swap