We want to remote can control volume

WDTV LIVE can play many movie files. mp3 / youtube / live365 radio on net bla bla bla.

but tiny remote cannot tuning volume. we want this function in new firmware. Thankyou

That’s a function of your TV or computer that you are feeding the WD output to.

Variable audio output is a feature I definitely do not want, besides it would only effect the analogue output and not the digital optical output.

I suggest you buy a universal remote.

i want the exact same thing the one that said it would control only analog is wrong they can add a volumen that controls the movie audio and it would work for optical and analog

What’s the point of messing around and degrading the digital signal.

Volume control is better handled via a universal remote, your TV remote or your AV amp remote IMHO.  Since you’re not alone in wanting it, it might be just personal preference.  :)

If it’s something you absolutely must have, create a post in the Ideas Exchange.   There’s no dedicated request for such a feature yet (there’s a multi-idea request mentioning it, better to create a dedicated thread) .

This discussion forum is not monitored by anyone at WD, so making suggestions or requests here will achieve little.

Concur with the subject as I have an amp which does not have  a volume remote control.  Please Mr WD, add this fuction in your next firware release.  THANKS

Suggest it in the ideas forum