WDW My Cloud Dashboard won't start

When I try and click on my black WD My Cloud Dashboard icon it says that it failed to open the page becuase the server where this page is located isn’t working.  What does this mean?  How can I fix it? Thanks!

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What happens when you try to open the Dashboard by typing your NAS’s IP address directly on a web browser?


Thank you.  

It says “Safari cannot open the page “” because the server where this page is located isn’t responding.”

" should be

also are you sure about the IP address 192.168 is much more common as it is a non-routable or private range and I a pretty sure 193.168 is fully routable

I have the same situation.

Dashboard is not reachable.

Even WD Quic View shows 0% used and Temperature unknown and everything is connected to local network with subnet 192.168.1.X

Ping is working and shares are working as FTP service is working, but dashboard no go :slight_smile:

Tryed also SSH, but I guess I didn’t configure it before.

Any suggestion is welcome.

I have the same, did the firmware update last night and it’s been pants every since. Rang WD support today and they said they had quite a few calls about it but admitted that they didn’t know what was going on… Great!

Have done all the usual things like restarting, direct connection to pc, hold reset button for 40 seconds and even reloaded firmware via SSH, but nothing seems to cure it.

WD support suggested I rang back tomorrow when they knew more about what was happening. Yet another firmware balls up by the looks of it.

Giving up with this thing, Gonna hopefully get it working again and flog it on fleabay and look for an alternative. Sorry WD but you are messing with peoples precious data and I just can’t trust this thing from one week to the next. I’ve been in IT a long time and this is by far the worse piece of hardware I have ever had the misfortune to own.

Do you have a static IP set? if not go to your router to get the current IP address and when it is working set a static IP outside of the DHCP pool

What browser(s) do you have? try all you have.

goto http://ipaddress/UI does it come up? any security bars popups etc?

what Java version do you have?

In the Java control panel (configure Java) go to the security tab then select edit site list, then click add and enter the URL from above

test it again

Static IP for whom.

There is DHCP server and I can ping the deivce without any problem.

I can as well use shared folders and can connect to FTP service on NAS.

So NAS is working and is reachable.

IP for sure is not the problem.

I tryed with CHROME and IE 11 (all updates).

Java is version 7 update 55 all security restored and IP of NAS added to Exception Site List.

And it is still not working.

There has to be some problem with service on NAS and not with my network.

Jus for Info: WD My Cloud app also can not reach devices (the one on local network as the one that is in other subnet on other location)

I get errors on the new IOS 8 app when i click on any of the new tabs for photos and music saying the operation couldn’t be completed (WDGeneralNetworkError error 500.)

And also cannot connect to shares via mac desktop via smb, connects fine under ftp and AFP. Something very strange going on.

pings fine and I can SSH in and have performed a reload of the firmware but to no avail.

Static IP on the mycloud, probably not this issue but it avoids many issues

since this is not happening to everyone it is probably the mycloud combined with somthing else so it takes some digging

in file explorer enter \ipaddress and see if you can ge to the shares

do you have an external USB drive connected to the mycloud? was it connected during the upgrade? If so unplug it and reboot

what is the status of the front and 2 rear LEDs?

the mycloud app can’t reach the mycloud on the local network?

\ipaddress is working as allready mentioned…shares are working without any problem.

No external USB drive and USB port was never used for any device…that means there wasn’t anything connected to USB port during firmware upgrade.

Front LED is blue which is OK and at the back both are green (one is blinking) which is also OK since I have 1Gbit link.

I think that problem started when I wanted to connect from work with WD MyCloud app.

I guess there has to be some problem with secure connection and now even HTTP is broken.

And yes, MyCloud app can’t reach the MyCloud on the local network.

It finds it, but connection never succeds. I get “Failed to connect to device”.

The same problem with device that is connected on some other location.

Didn’t yet have the chance to get there to see if localy I can get to dashboard, but I somehow doubt it will work.

I am running out of ideas. Try a system only restore, if that dosn’t help call WD

For the MyCloud app, try recreate your cloud access connection in the dashboard.  Also, dont use it on local network since it uses http which is way slower than using Windows Explorer. Also, reboot all your router, switch, and My Cloud to see if that helps.

How can I access the dashboard through Windows explorer?

Everything was rebooted and that didn’t solve the problem.

If you did the firmware update, you will exhibit all of the issues you are explaining. The firmware must be buggy again.

Mine was 100%, did the firware update, now it is flakey as ever. Unresponsive, reboot clears it up for a moment, then it becomes flakey again. 

That is what I wanted to say, but was being polite :slight_smile:

They are looking for some flaws and human mistakes when they know allready that last firmware is the problem :slight_smile:

I posted so they hurry up with new firmware.

But honestly I don’t know how I will make new firmware update since I can not access dashboard and I didn’t enable SSH.

I really hope that System only restore will be enough to get to the dashboard so I can at least enable SSH and than upgrade to their new firmware which I hope will finnaly finnaly finnaly be something worth of the money I have spent.

I know the product is not expensive one, but if I would know what I am buying I would never take it again.

New user and poster here. This same issue happend to me when I got a replacement router from my isp. My wd was still there and I could see some shares but no dashboard. I was setting up the router and checked out everything connected to it. The wd was simply assigned a different ip by the new router that’s all. I still can’t access the dashboard by clicking the icon, but when I type in the ip it comes up fine. Mobile apps work fine now too.