WDTVLiveHub - Mac connects to device but can't see folder WDTVLiveHub

I have been using this for a while, and the Mac automatically connects and I used to see the default WDTVLiveHub folder where I store all my content, and could happily copy back and forth. After installing the latest firmware, now the Mac still connects (as Guest user, not sure if it connected as this before?) but I can only see a “wdtv’s Public Folder” which is empty. I don’t know how to access the main folder with all my files. I can see it on the device itself, but not on the Mac so I can’t easily copy stuff across any more. Which firmware? v3.08.14 - What happened? Can’t see folder from Mac - Does this happen every time? Yes - What hardware and media were you using? WDTV Live Hub - Did this happen with previous firmware? - No. - Does power cycling the unit solve this? No. - Does resetting to factory defaults solve this? No- Have you tried this on other devices? No, I have only one device. Any help appreciated!!!

You can try pressing the reset button on the bottom side of the WDTV and then re-mapping it on the Mac.