WDTVLive new firmware 2.02.32 disconnects Network Drive

WDTVLive new firmware 2.02.32 disconnects Network Drive.

Network share keeps disconnected and getting error message “The previously selected content source has been disconnected. Would you like to browse a different source?”.

When it will get fixed WD Support ?

Try resetting the unit for the issue to clear out.

Hi Robothief,

Thanks for your reply mate !

I did reset following options.

  1. Clear all network share credentials

  2. Rescan/setup nework share

  3. disconnects everything and leave it for 5 minutes before connecting all again

  4. last but not least, reset to factory defaults for 3 times

  5. No luck yet…

I have observed strange behaviour on router, I can not see WD TV IP address into router DHCP client list. I can see all other devices (phone/laptop etc) with list of IP’s but not WDTV.

Thinking to apply previous firmware.



Late to the party but maybe this might help someone else. This is likely an ARP issue I had the same problem. Turns out I had the same IP bound to two MAC addresses in my DHCP server ( was replacing an older gen1 WDTV with this newer SMP and it the older gen1 NIC was still active). Confirm the router only has one entry if you are doing static DHCP. Also from a PC on the same network ping the IP and then perform an “arp -a” to ensure the MAC matches the intended IP assignment.