WDTVLive Hub lockups during playback after recent firmware upgrade

I know I should have left well enough alone, it was working, but I was enticed by the new firmware notice.

Now, several of my converted movies (.mkv) lock up at random places in the movie.  I’m able to hit home and get the menu back, but if I restart from where it left off, it locks up at the same place.  If I start over, it will get to this same location and lock up. 

Multiple movies, roughly 30 mins in.

When played on a WDTVLive (non hub) it works fine.  Every other device that I’ve used, VLC on w64, VLC on mac.  etc etc can play this fine, but the TWO WDTVLive Hubs that I have BOTH behave the same way after this recent firmware upgrade.

When will I ever learn to just leave it alone when it does work?!?! 

Is anyone else seeing this?  I guess I need to work towards a downgrade, but I just dont know how far back to go. I *think* I’ve done 2 upgrades since this issue started.

Help me WD, you’re my only hope (at least till my Rasbery Pis get here)

This problem does not exist in 2_08_13   

Rollback to 2.07. Seem to be the one that give the least issues. I’m waiting for the Raspberry Pi as well. Preorder is in but waiting for compliance testing to be completed. And Raspbmc is well underway. Can wait to get this and experiment.

Ok, I’m gonna run with this ver for a while, I really had few complaints when I did this latested upgrade, but was hoping I could get new features.  Joke was on me I guess. I wonder how many people are on the dev team, and where they are.

Would be interesting to see a behind the scenes for wdtv code