Wdtv wont turn on from remote?


I have have a wdtv with firmware 2.02.32. I am not sure when but it has stopped letting me turn it on with the remote. I have to pull the plug each time. Is this firware related? If so where can i get the older firmware from?



I have the same exact issue on mine; it will work for maybe a day or two and then I’d have to power cycle it before it starts working again. I’ve been on 2.02.32 for quite sometime but this issue started happening within the past couple of months…

I’m having the same issue, I’m running 5 different rooms, each with a wdtv and this is becoming a very common thing with this product.

Before anyone says, “check the batteries”, that is not the problem.
Once power is taking out and inserted back in, the device turns on and reads the network. Afterwards which I’m able to use the same remote to navigate and then turn off with.

Also the other issue now is that, it reads the titles of my videos and folders but, it freezes when it’s supposed to start playing and goes back to the optional folder and the window pops up that reads
“Network was disconnected”

-I search for my “MyCloud” until again it reads it and proceed with no conclusion.


same problem here won’t turn on with remote so i plug the cable to get it started again also the freezes was a fantastic little box until recently

Anyone from WD care to comment on this?

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I have had the same problem with my wd tv player as well a some of the apps that i use show up with a white screen. about two weeks ago i did a factory reset since then my player seems to be operating fine exept some apps still showing a white screen