WDTV SMP Remote OK Button Changes Input on TV

I just bought a Insignia LED TV and the WD TV SMP is up date. Everything works fine with the WD until I hit the OK button in the middle. Which obviously is the button that selects any menus etc. I can go left and right through menus and even select the video menu usually with no problem but if you actually select a movie or an app like netflix or when a text module pops up you have to press the OK button. This changes the Input on my TV! I have the wdtv connected through HDMI but it changes it to regular tv usually the second time I hit the OK button. Whether I have the antenna hooked up or not.

Anyone with any solutions? A friend told me I would have to program the insignia remote to work with the WD TV but I have no idea how to do that. And I don’t really want to do it. I just want the WD TV remote to work! Please Help!

Have you tried switching off hdmi-cec in the setup menu of your WDTV?

If not , try switching it off and check if you have the same problem after rebooting your WDTV

I tried this and I got the same results.

What happens if you point the WD TV remote at your TV and then hit the OK button while the SMP is off?