WDTV Setup: Should Display Resolution Be Set To "Auto" or Highest Resolution of TV?

I’ve had it set at Auto for some time without any problem, but just wondered if that was correct – the manual gives no explanation. Also, the [highest] resolution of my TV is 1125p [below that is 750p] – I assume I’d set the WDTV to 1080p? Thanks in advance.

In auto can you press a button on your TV remote to see what resolution the TV is in. My LG shows the current resolution.

Sorry, but I don’t follow. Should I set up Display Resolution on the WDTV to most closely match the highest resolution of my TV or should I set it to Auto? Thanks.

You can leave it as “Auto” if everything else works properly – HDMI handshaking *should* ensure you have the proper resolution for your display.

The only time you really need to force it is if the handshaking doesn’t work (for example, you play material back that you know is 1080p but your display only reports 720p).  Most of the time handshaking issues will be even more obvious (i.e. no image).

Gotcha. Many thanks !