WDTV not acknowledging my external HDD

I just bought a WDTV Live Streaming Media Player on Friday and my external Hard drive (Which is a hard drive from a previous laptop, but just in a USB enclosure and has two USB ends the other incase you need extra power

. The drive still reads from my laptop fine, but whenever i connect it to my WDTV using only ONE usb cable on the enclosure, the light may be green or red on the enclosure indicating connectivity but it slows my WDTV down and i have to do a Device Restore in order to get it back to speed. So my question is, in order to get my HDD to work on it i will need more power, so should i purchase a USB Extension cable so i can use all two of the USB cables to power the HDD enough to use it or do i need something called a USB Active extension?

The hard drive in the enclosure is a TOSHIBA MK6476GSX 250GB.

That sounds like a good thing to try before buying another drive

What sounds like a good thing to try?

LOL the power booster