WDTV no network due to homeplug & router issue

Hi All, hoping someone can help. I’ve currently got my internet supplier’s router set in modem mode in the downstairs lounge which sends the internet (via a homeplug) to a router in the centre of the house. I now have much better wifi signal throughout the house. All of my devices (including my NAS) are plugged directly into this router in the centre of the house, but the WDTV unit needs to be in the lounge downstairs where my tv is.

Currently my WDTV has an Ethernet cable attaching to a home plug which i’d hoped would somehow communicate with the router upstairs via the homeplug. Anyway, it doesn’t and as a result i’m left with no network connection or connection to my NAS and i’m not quite sure what I need to do to attach to the router via a homeplug?

I’ve taken the WDTV to the room with the router in and attached it directly to the router - my NAS shows up and I can stream movies. Take it downstairs to the tv and plug into the homeplug and nothing. No sign of any network and i wouldn’t know where to start with manual settings.

Its a Linksys router ea6900. I can attach via wifi to the wdtv but the streaming is choppy.

Is there a workaround or anything anyone can suggest?


Yeah. You can’t do what you’re asking, unless you get two totally separate homeplug technologies involved, which will be difficult nowadays since every one I’ve seen is part of the homeplug alliance.

Homeplug is hub and spoke type topology, not point to point.

You could try to move your router to the same room as the modem and connect directly.
Then connect just one of your router’s switch ports to the homeplug. Then at the other homeplug, connect a switch that you plug all the other divices into. Then you can use another homeplug on your WD and it should work.

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Thanks a lot for the reply. I moved my router to the middle of the house because wifi reception was terrible in certain rooms when I had it setup next to the modem downstairs. So although I’ve not got decent wifi in all rooms I’ve lost out on my wdtv network streaming.
Could I do what you’ve said the other way round from what I understand and have a switch coming out of a home plug next to my TV that connects to the router upstairs via that home plug? I could plug the wdtv into this? Or that maybe seems like what I’ve already got…unless the switch somehow manages to recognise the device on a network? Thanks

i am using the canon wireless printer and Linksys EA6350 router. i am unable to connect to my printer to the network. the combination of settings is right, i made it with the help of Linksys Support but i am unable to connect.

What WD product are you asking about?