WDTV live won't play certain .ISO files - Blank screen before playing menu

I have a variety of home authored DVD’s.  I converted them to ISO’s with IMGBURN and most of them play great on the WDTV! 

However there are 3 or 4 that when I try to play them I just get a blank screen, and no sound or video.  It stays at “zero”.

These discs play fine in players and I can’t see what is unique about these menus vs. the other ones. Now I know I can rip with makeMKV and it would play that fine, but just wondering. Sometimes it is convenient to have the menus to skip chapters, etc.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.  I am familiar with ifoedit if I need to go back to the Video_TS file to edit something regarding the menu.

Really the only other menu that did not work insists on displaying in a 4x3 format even though it is really widescreen and editing the Video_TS menu designator to 16x9 did not help.  Even the buttons were all squished.  But that is one disc and can live with that!

Also, other than setting the audio output to optical or HDMI, do I need to do anything to make sure the WDTV picks up the Dolby Digital 5.1 audio on the discs?


Apparently some authorings can throw the WDTV off, don’t know how to fix this (other than turning off DVD menus which should play back the main movie). Also, the WD always uses the first audio stream unless specified in the menus (which also might not work all the time).

Thanks.  I made an .mkv file of the disc and it plays fine.  SInce may discs only have one audio stream I should be fine with that.  Probably not worth trying to figure out why some menus won’t play.  Back then roll your own menus and authoring was cutting edge so perhaps something was off on a few.


Even with more audio streams you can simply cycle through them with the remote key, so no need for menus there either.