Wdtv live won't obtain metadata from live hub

I currently have one wdtv live hub set up in my bedroom with all my films on it each containing metadathumb cover art etc however I have purchased a wdtv live (no storage) for the lounge, now to view the files I ideally want the lounge wdtvlive to see the wdtv live hub as a network share right in order to get the same folders and metadata etc? Now how do I do this as at present I can only view the files when set as media server, which I know has limited functionality???

That’s correct.

You need to enable “Network Share Server” on the Hub  (which, I would assume it should already be enabled because it’s enabled by default).

Then on the WDTV Live (not the Hub) browse to the Hub’s storage by selecting Content Source / Windows Shares / and pick the Hub’s name from the list.