WDTV Live takes long time to play media

Hi all,

I have two WDTV Live media players one is about 1 and a half years old and one is about 2-3 months old, both have been upgraded to the latest firmware and are cabled to my Ethernet network.

The problem is with the new one, when I turn it on from with the remote the new WDTV Live take about 5 minutes before I can watch any movies, so what I mean is I can navigate to a movie on my network share as it lists all my movie but when I try to watch one the WDTV Live displays a message that says invalid format and will display this message for every movie I try to watch and after some time about 5 minutes it will work and I can watch any movie I want with no problems.

The older WDTV Live does not have this problem and work fine all the time.

Has anyone else had this problem or have any suggestions on this problem?



Same here, I usually have to wait 3-4 minutes to be able to play movies from my HDD connected to the box.