WDTV live streaming from WDTV Live hub through network?

All the tutorials I see for WDTV Live network media access seem to have the folder setup on a windows pc - can the drive in the WDTV Livehub be used in the same way?


WDTV Live Hub in one room attached to router - WDTV Live attached to router in another room - WDTV Live accessing the WDTV Livehub HDD through the router and playing files.

Anyone done this successfully? Thanks.

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It is possible If they are both on the same network.

Check out page #29 “Network Share” of the user’s manual.


Yes and many of us here do. I have an SMP and a LivePlus running media from a LiveHub. Works great. That’s why it is a “Live HUB”. It’s made to be able to serve other machines. My Hub aslo serves up media to my Nexus Pad and my Ipone.

Good luck


Ok, my first post on this community so forgive me if I am in the wrong place.

I have two WDtv live devices on my home network and each have an external drive attached to them.

Named as follows:

WDTV LIVE 1 with 2TB external drive.

WDTV LIVE 2 with a 320GB external drive.

Now both devices can see each other on the network and the external drives attached to them. What my issue is if I am on WDTV LIVE 1 and connect to the WDTV LIVE 2 external drive to watch a movie it laods and starts to play but then freezes and then starts to jump and freeze again etc.  I presume it is down to the network but both devices are wired connections on network so what would be the cause and what would be the resolution ?

Many thanks for your replies in advance 

Depends on what the “brains” of your router are. That is - older routers are quite far from the upload/download limits of a 100Mbps Lan speed for example. That could be a possible problem. 

Many thanks for the reply. I was thinking of that. My setup is that WDLIVE1 is connected to the eircom router via ethernet and the WDLIVE2 is connected to the network via ethernet to a 5-Link Port and then to a TP Link AV500 (500 Mbps) Powerline adapter.

You might check the thru-put on the powerline link. House wiring isn’t perfect.  I use these same powerline devices in my home.  For one location where I wanted to put the unit I got less than 1MB/s transfer rate.  A movie would start and then quickly the audio would drop and the video would start/stop.  Unacceptable.  Another location (farther away actually) in the house got excellent speeds and streaming video to that SMP works without issue.