WDTV live streaming: EPG-info and abstracts for videos?


i would like to organize my videos by creating abstracts and “tag” it somehow to the files but as i m informed wdtv live streaming player is not able to read e.g. epg-data-files (created while recording tv). does somebody have any idea how to solve the problem: i would like to have short info about content of the video-files (tv-records and .iso files)



read the manual

WD supports XML files :wink:

As KAD79 had said… XML is the way.

i swear i went through the manual a couple of times but really till now i dont even knew that .xml files exist…nor what they are good for…even now i cant find any info on that in the manual…anyhow, thanx for your hint…i will check it with mr.google…

…and probably will be back with some questions :slight_smile:

what i found is teh following program: WDTVHUBGEN…is this appropriate? unfortunately i didnt find anything on that in the manual as well…thanx a lot for your help…


ps. pls excuse: i m neihter native nor en expert in soft- and hardware