WDTV Live Streaming does not work with the XBOX One

The WDTV Live treaming and the XBOX One do not like each other.

If you try to connect the WDTV through the XBOX One you will just have a lot of problems. Green tints, hanging etc. Generally this manifests itself very badly when you try to use a servoce liek th BBC iPlayer or Netflix.

Msft XBPX one team say it is because the WDTV i snot properly handing the EDID information and sending YCC instead of RGB all the time.

Even if I set RGB low by hand it still causes problems.

Anyone else had similiar issues?

The WDTV should send whatever the display tells it to send.

I’d be interested to see the EDID data that the XBOX sends.

If you’re willing to post it, you can find out by putting a USB stick on the WDTV.

Go to settings / about / device info

… then on your WDTV remote, press DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN RIGHT DOWN DOWN

it will save a file called save_edid.bin to your USB stick.

Open that file with the free MonInfo tool and paste the resutls.

MonInfo: http://www.entechtaiwan.com/util/moninfo.shtm

As to issues with NetFlix, that content is secured with HDCP.   Google “Xbox One HDCP issues” and you’ll see lots of reports with problems relating to the Xbox’s HDMI passthrough.  I’m not sure if iPlayer is HDCP secured – maybe one of our UK folks will chime in on that.