WDTV Live SMP(G3) "Play To" via WMP12?

Win7 x32 Home Premium / WDTV Live SMP (Gen3) / WDBGXT0000NBK / Release 2.01.86

Win7 PC (and Win8.1 Tablet) can see the WDTVLive & the files on a USB HDD connected to it via Explorer

WDTVLive can see the local USB HDD & the Win7 PC directory structure via WDTV Live Menu

[1] I can transfer files from the PC to the HDD no problems

[2] WDTVLIve plays everything either from the local USB HDD or Win7 PC

[3] WDTVLive is configured with a Static IP address

On the Win7 PC I have tried to Add Device, but in searching Win does not find the WDTVLIve unit.

I would like to be able to use the WMP12 “Play To” function to send music files from the Win7 PC (Study) and Win8.1 Tablet to the WDTVLive (Lounge) over the wired network - is this possible to do with this model ? and how ?


Make sure that both devices are within the same workgroup.

Also confirm that the firewall is allowing the connection within the devices.

Still can’t get the Win7 to “Play To” the WDTV Live, it isn’t seen in Devices & Printers and cannot be found when I do an Add Device -but also have a Transformber T100 running Win8.1.1 x32 on the network

T100 shows WDTV Live in Devices, T100 can also see the WDTV Live & the files on a USB HDD connected to it when accessing via Explorer
WDTV Live can see the locally connected USB HDD & the T100 directory structure via WDTV Live Menu

[1] I can transfer files from the T100 or Win7 to the USB HDD, no problems
[2] WDTV Live plays everything (either .mkv or .wav files) from the locally connected USB HDD or T100 or Win7, no problems
[3] WDTV Live is configured with a Static IP address, no problems

On the T100 the “Play To” context is available when selecting a file in Explorer, but nothing happens when I send the file via “Play To” to the WDTV Live - just get the messages “Contacting Network Device” then “Unexpected Device Error” and a blank screen on the plasma connected to the WDTV Live.

I would like to be able to use the “Play To” function to send music files (.wav) from the T100 (Roaming around house and connected via WiFi) to the WDTV Live (Lounge) over the wired network – any ideas and suggestions specifically in regard to the WDTV Live not processing the music file.

besides workgroup name

did you turn on sharing

there is a setting under network to enable/disable sharing

Originally plugged in & setup the WDTV Live via screen & remote as Wired and Static IP, just went through all the settings to make sure all are as they should be.

Both T100 & WDTV Live show as being in WORKGROUP

Network Profiles
Private (current profile) - Network Discovery On / Automatic setup of network connected devices On / File & Print Sharing On / HomeGroup connections use User Account & Passwords to connect
Guest or Public - Network Discovery On / File and Print Sharing On
All Networks - Public Folder Sharing Off / Media Streaming On / File  Sharing Connections 128bit / Password Protected Sharing On

WDTV Live appears in Device Manager - Digital Media Device / WDTV Live / Driver Date 29-Sep-11 / Driver Version
Did an Update Driver but Win8 says it’s up to date

Now when I send the file via Play To, the screen connected to the WDTV Live shows the filename (@ top) & control bar (@ bottom) on the TV screen, in the middle it says sharing content with Windows
No longer get the message for a long time Contacting Network Device, just for 1-2 seconds, so they are talking to each other
But still get the message Unexpected Device Error in the Play To and no playback

:laughing: :laughing: Got it working on both the Win8.1 & Win7 machines, was in the Firewall settings.
I’ve allowed Windows Media Network Sharing Service & Windows Media Player through if it’s on the Internal Network.
In the Study sending albums to the WDTV in the Lounge + able to adjust Speaker volume - YIPPEE !!!