WDTV LIVE resume feature

Hi everyone, I have been searching the forums and can’t find an answer. I am using the latest official firmware and use windows network shares to play my dvd’s stored in ISO format. To prevent accidental deletion of files by users I have made the shares read only.

The problem is and I know the reason why but this has disabled the resume function due to not been able to store the relevant files on the network share.

My question is, is there a way to store library and resume data on a small usb stick i can put in the back of the media player. I have tried a usb stick but with no success. I wondered if there is a way to enable this perhaps creating needed files etc?





You could set up a special “WDTV” share account on the files server so the WDTV would have read/write access and set up the WDTV to access the share through that account.

I already have it set up with a WDTV share account , my network has seperate full admin shares for my pcs. I prefer the drives to be read -only for the WDTV so there are no accidental file deletions and so that my drives are not littered with hundreds of little save files. I was wondering if WD had thought to include a choice to store all resume/library files in a remote location ie a usb stick/dropbox account. Seems not. I guess I will have to live with out the resume function. Shame really

I agree that it would be nice if DB could be on a local USB stick rather than shares, but this is not the case, as noted.

The way I solved this problem (since I also was not going to allow write access to my video drives) was via symbolic links:  I have e.g., a Movies share, that is writable for the WD units, but all the video files in it are actually only symlinks to the true movie files on another, non-writable drive.  I am using Linux and Samba, but Symlinks have been supported on NTFS since Vista, so should be doable on WIndows as well.  Will require more technical knowledge than most Windows users have, but maybe you or somebody you know is capable.  You will almost certainly want to write a script to populate the symlinks from your video files and to keep them updated as you add new videos.  Unfortunately mine is Linux shell, so not usable on WIndows.  Let me know if you want further info on this.  Fixes the writing on share issue, plus allows me to merge videos from multiple drives into the shares that the WD sees (symlinks are across drives).

Yes the resume video files features after complete shutdown DOESN’T resume any videos.
Why this happening even with the wd tv live gen3 latest firmware?