WDTV Live - Regular USB stick burnout

Hello WD Community

We just installed three LED TV’s via cat5/ HDMI converters to a HDMI switcher with a WDTV live box as the source. The client wants to scroll pictures on a loop. I believe it’s left on permantanly, they just switch the TV’s to standby each night. Over time the images stop scrolling and the USB stick burns out, so we now cannot scroll images - any suggestions?

I was thinking of the following options:

  1. Direct the WDTV box to a network folder on a PC with images in.


  1. Connect a USB drive with a power supply and cooling fan to the WDTV live box


  1. Buy the WDTV box with the internal drive

Are the WDTV boxes suitable for continual 24/7 use?

Would be grateful for any advice.

Suggested solutions:

Put the WD scrolling feature on standby, too.

Buy el cheapo USB flash drives and burn 'em out as needed.

Use an external HD; do not buy the Hub for this task.

 Use a LCD “picture frame” photo player w/SD card slot instead.

Stop doing this unnecessary thing all together, since it is not good for the flash drives, HDs or the WD player!

(I think this is the strangest thing I have heard of for using a WD player!)

Apparently enough people are using these in venues or something to make WD implement an auto-play feature. And why should permanent reading destroy an USB stick?

Quote: Over time the images stop scrolling

Sounds more like " Overheating" of the Actual WD Unit to me, and nothing to do with the USB stick.

Is there plenty of “Air Flow” and no objects placed on top or beside the WD Device ???

Edit: I think a Raspberry Pi would be better suited device for running 24/7 as they (and my 2 i own)

barely get even luke warm (with No Case and No Overclocking)

Install XBMC (Click R.Slideshow) use a 8-16GIG SD Card with Photos. 

XBMC Slideshow is really nice with the " Ken Burns" effect :smiley: 

Raspberry Pi costs $35