WDTV Live - random avi files being converted to folders

Yes. But better still, you can recover them.

What I did was the following:

  1. Plugged the HDD into my computer.

  2. Looked up all files that were converted into ‘folders’ and made a note of them.

  3. Booted up Lubuntu from a bootable install cd; ran test environment (doesn’t require an install – see their pages for instructions).

  4. Browsed to the files that were converted into ‘folders’, which all looked normal.

  5. Copied these files to my internal hdd.

  6. Rebooted into Windows.

  7. Copied the files, which were now readable, back to the external HDD.

  8. Problem solved.

Or at least: files recovered. But I’m hoping my firmware rollback has also solved the problem :slight_smile: