WDTV Live Plus won't display menus on my .iso

So I have been having a problem with certain .iso files on my WDTV. The WD will not display the menu which enables me to watch both shows within the .iso. When I press play it does not show the menu and goes right into show #1 and then after show #1 is over it goes back to the screen showing what is on my harddrive. There is now way to play show #2 on any of these .iso files. Probably about 100 of them have this problem. I can see and use the menu on these same .iso files when I have the harddrive hooked to my laptop and use the VLC media player to open them. The WDTV will display menus on many other .iso files but just not the 100 or so I mentioned earlier.

Any ideas on why this is, how to fix it or if WD will include this fix in an upcoming firmware? It is very annoying not to be able to watch these on my TV and only on the cpu.

I think you need to press ENTER, not PLAY, on an ISO to enable menu mode. 

Give that a try?

I’ve tried that along with everything else I could think of. Thanks though.

How did you make your .iso files?

I actually didn’t do the converting. I believe everything on the drive was converted using MagicISO. 3/4 of the files work perfectly. Just the 100 or so that the WD won’t read the menu for. As I stated above, the VLC media player on my computer will read the menus. VERY frustrating. 

Try latest firmware.


Just downloaded the new firmware. Nothing has changed.

Thanks to everyone for the advice. Anyone else have any ideas?

Well, if you didn’t do the converting, then there’s nothing YOU can fix about it.   

When you download media from the net, you get what you pay for.

Uh yeah…thanks for that…but I didn’t download anything. A friend converted the dvds to .iso’s. There is nothing wrong with the .iso files as they work perfectly on the computer through VLC, just not on the WDTV which I have stated several times.

I believe it has something to do with the type of menu from the original dvds not being able to be read by the WDTV. This should be fixed.

The problem is with the software used to rip the DVD’s. VLC will pretty well play anything and thats what it is advertised to do. The WDTV needs a correctly ripped image to work correctly. Try converting the DVD’s using DVDFab and see if they work.