WDTV Live Plus Performance with Linksys E1200 Router (wired connection)

I recently purchased a Linksys E1200 wireless router for its wireless N capability. I’ve set it up in Bridge Mode as I have another router I use as the DHCP server. I also have a third router that runs in Bridge Mode as well. When I connect (wired) the WDTV Live Plus to the old Bridge Mode router to play video files directly off of my PC drive,  performance is fine. However, when I connect the WDTV Live Plus to the new E1200 router (wired and Bridge Mode as well) play is fine for about 30 seconds then slows down to a crawl. If I pause fo about a minute, It will do the same when I press play again. Go good for about 30 seconds, then slow down to a crawl again. So, the problem is with the E1200 or maybe the WDTV Live Plus doesn’t like this roputer for some reason. As an aside, the old Bridge Mode router is also a Linksys, model  WRTU54G-TM.

Anyone have any thoughts on the issue ? I’ve got the latest firmware for all routers.



Did you check is one of the router only support 10/100 LAN speeds? Instead of 10/100/1000 speeds.

All ports on all 3 routers are 10/100.