WDTV Live - playing MTS files 1920x1080 50p (specification AVCHD 2.0)

I have latest firmware release 1.06.43 (1/17/2013) for this box.

Can this box play correctly format MTS 1920x1080 50p (specification AVCHD 2.0 - Progressive), bitrate: about 26 Mbps, Dolby Digital sound? This MTS video is from my new Sony camcoder.

Or do I need to buy the latest WDTV live model for this - WD TV Live Streaming Media Player (Gen 3)?

When I record video in mode 1920x1080 50i (interlaced), playback on my wdtv live is OK.

50p?  No.

The “correct” answer is, “it might work, but it might not.”     WD doesn’t support it.

They don’t support it on ANY player.

Check the specifications in the manual(s) for the limitations.