WDTV Live not seeing LIVE Hub as a Media Server

I have a Live on the same network as my Live Hub.  I can access both from a PC on the same network.  Both wired ethernet via a D-Link DIR 655. From the WDTV Live I can see the network shares on my WIN 7 PC.  However, I cannot see the HUB live as a Media Server, only as a Window’s Share.  I’m thinking that I should be able to select Media Server from the LIVE source option and see the LIVE HUB as an option.  Correct?  

Yes, that’s correct.

Confirm that you already ENABLE the Media Server via the Network Setup options.

Confirm that you can access the media server manually by going to the Twonky UI via your Web Browser:

http:// ip address of your Hub:9000

While you’re in there, confirm also that the Media Receiver list does not BLOCK your WD.

Thank You for the suggestions.  I’m a little naive on Twonky, but I believe that the configuration appears correct based on your suggestions.

My problem appears to be related to my D-Link DIR 655 router.  When the Live Hub is directly connected to the 655 I lose the media server functions.  I also lose the Android remote app functionality when connected to the 655 wireless network regardless where the HUB is connected. 

I have moved the live hub to a different location where it links with a Comtrend switch and the Media Service functionality returns.  The LIVE is also connected to this switch, basically eliminating the in\out to the 655.  If I access the network via a Trendnet Wireless AP (also on the Comtrend) I can now see both the LIVE and LIVE HUB.

Not sure what the 655 would be blocking as the traffic passes between ethernet ports on the router (655) or between the wireless and ethernet port.