WDTV Live Network Shares restored after latest Windows 10 update

So after the latest Windows 10 update,(Oct 2017) I lost all of my network shares. This is usually always a master browser issue for me. After making sure that the updated PC was still master browser, and a lot of other troubleshooting with no luck, this was my simple fix:. I only have 3 PC’s on the network, so I changed the Master browser from the PC that was updated to a different PC on the network, a Windows 7 model, and rebooted all.I then rebooted both of my WDTV Live units. After all were completely rebooted, My shares all returned! Hope this helps someone else…

Hello tech1cw,

Thank you for providing your troubleshooting steps regarding the issue. I hope this would help other users as well facing the same issue.