WDTV Live + My Net N750 + WD My book problem

Hi !

I have a issue with my setup, I have a 4tb My book hooked on my routeur WD N750, my drive is connected in Win 7 as a network drive, i use this setup to watch movies on my wdtv without having the computer running. My problem is that my drive never goes to sleep when connected to the routeur even if nothing is accessing it, is there a solution for my drive to go to sleep, I don’t want my drive always spinning when I don’t even need it 



Hi there and welcome to the WD community.

Does the router have the latest firmware? It would also be good to know if when you are not using the router if there is a chance that perhaps a computer or another device that is connected to the network is trying to access the USB drive.

yes routeur has latest update and I don’t think anything would use the USB of the routeur. Sometime, when I wake up, my drive is spinning and nothing is on. The drive has no problem going to sleep when connected to the USB port on my computer