WDTV Live - Media Library Can't Access Desktop Video Folder Windows 7 - Read Only

There’s another thread on this, but for some reason I cannot reply to it, so I’m starting a new one. Using Windows 7/64-bit. I was able to create a Media Library with my WDTV Live and can successfully access three external hard drives connected to my desktop computer. But I cannot include the files in my Windows-“My Videos” folders/library because it appears to be “Read Only.” (It has the square in “read only” when I click on Properties, and removing it impossible.) I’ve researched all the Windows issues with respect to the “read only” attribute, but nothing seems to work. (I have full control and am the owner of everything on my computer and I am the only user.)

Is the only way to have these files accessible to my WDTV Live to move them to one of the external hard drives?

I think your post is in the wrong forum. This forum is for the 2009 model WDTV Live HD and 2010 model WDTV Live Plus.

The forum for the 2011 WDTV Live Streaming Media Player is here:


Thanks … I didn’t realize there was a different forum since this one was labeled WD TV Live.

That’s why WD put picture at the heading of each forum: :wink: