Wdtv live + mac os x lion

any news or any firmware update?

I’ve tried this (  link ) but nothing…

I’ve installed isedora media server and thru media server I can access my folders, but when I click on a file, wdtv says that it cannot play that file (mkv, avi, mpg, etc).

but if I still on the file, I can see the preview…

I hope there will be an update to make wdtv compatible with lion…

Weird situation. Have you tried to call WD support? They might be able to help you.

I have been using Serviio I have tried to use the other method of installing the samba manually, but it did not work.  So, until Apple supports Samba again, Serviio will have to do.

I Never did get it to access SMB direct - but - 

Got another approach working after several days of trying different things.  This time running media server software in OSX was the key.

Ultimately the PS3 Media Server for OSX did the trick.  It is free and was very easy to set up too… just add folders as shares and done!