WDTV Live / Infinity box USB Storage

hi All,

i wander if anyone can help me.

i have the WDTV Live setup on my home network using BT infinity.  a USB hard drive is connected to the WDTV LIVE box.

so i can see all the media on the hard drive i connected it to the back of the infinity box which has a usb input.

my computers could see the hard drive now, no problems.  but my wdtv live cannot see the usb storage hard drive.

i thought it would come up using the network option, but nothing at all.

any help, much appreciated.

Hi, if the BT infinity is sharing the USB storage as a media share or as a media server it should be accessible by the WDTV. If you are using a wireless connection check if you have better luck with a wired connection.