Wdtv live hub help

i hooked my wdtv live hub up to an older tv through the audio video jacks and the screen obsessivly rolls i can’t do anything i need help please

Possibly …

If your TV is PAL and the Live Hub is Set to NTSC then this may be one reason

(either use a paperclip on the reset hole… press for 10 seconds to switch between PAL/NTSC)

or if you can connect the Live Hub to a Modern TV via Composite (Red,White,Yellow)

Go to Setup > Audio/Video Output > Composite > and select either PAL or NTSC

then try it on your old TV.

Also, some really ancient TV’s have a Vertical Hold adjustment knob (might be labeled V-HOLD)

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Thanks I will try that

Thanks actually it was set to PAL needed to be on N TSC

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