WDTV Live Hub failing

I have been very happy with my Live Hub for the few years I have had it (just say no to Apple TV).  Sadly, recently it has twice now spontaniously rebooted and then gone into an endless Loading cycle, with the logo on the box flashing.  I suspect the hard drive is on the way out, but perhaps it is something else in hardware.  Should I, or can I, replace the hard drive, or should I I cut my losses and just buy a new one?

Why would you assume that this anything to do with the hard drive? You can replace the hard drive very easily or just remove it to check your assumption.

I assume that because I am jinxed by hard drive failures.  In 25 years, I have had something like 10 hard drives fail, and I only own one computer.

_ In a few years, _ Your WD can become very dusty and the internal fan may not work as well as it used to.

Is it warm or hot to the touch?

Try pointing a small fan to blow across your WD, to see if things change.  It cost nothing to try.

I open and clean mine (all 3) at least once a year.  (I do have pets though)

Best of luck, Dan