WDTV live hub appears to have bricked


We left town for the weekend and my practice is unplug the home theater while we are gone. Came home plugged everything in and the wd box was flikering (not he front panel light, but the image on the tv). Unplugged and replugged several time and no change. Power button would not work. Reset would not work.

I disconnected it and held down the reset button and now the wdtv boots but after about 20 seconds it freezes. The reset button does not work. The power button does not work.  I get about 20 secs of operation. I have tried reformatting the hard drive, resseting to factory defaults, a different remote via my android phone, flashing with new firmware but it wont detect an available file on a usb drive.

Any suggestions?


You’ve done / attempted so many things it’s difficult to know where to start with advice ?

Check the rest of TV (Channels, other HDMI inputs)

Check / Replace / Try Another HDMI Input / or Composite Cable

Check the WDTV Live Hub Remote Control for Battery Leakage

Remove all attached USB Drives and Network Cables

Try the WDTV Live Hub on a Second TV

Try another Power Outlet / or Power Board/Strip

If you had “House Sitters” while you were away … Interrogate them

(sorry, i don’t mean to make light of your situation … but it’s difficult to know what the problem might be. Unplugging everything whilst away is something i always do … and have never had any dramas upon return)

If you are using HDMI to connect to your TV try using the composite output.

Well i quickly pounded through the menu and got it to play music from the internal hard drive. I can move around the menu pick songs play them, go up a menu, and change songs.

Strangely I can even access the internal hard drive.

Stragely it works as it did now. THis would be comical except for the fact that I have been trying to get this thing to work for 6 days. Geez what PITA.

Maybe this is a fix for other issues?



If you’re fortunate enough to have a volt meter I would check the wall wart. Did USB access also return?