WDTV Live Hub and Xbox 360

HI again

Different question I have a hub in my sitting room just wondering if anyone knows if i extend the network and put the hub in my bedroom would it act as a server for the xbox media center? Just thinking this may work instead of buying another hub!!!

Thanks… again

I can see my WD Hub on my XBOX, however none of the movies would play (wrong format), none of my pics displayed, I guess wrong format although it did see the pics that came with the WD Hub.  Music played fine.  The problem with the XBOX and PS3 is there codex capability is very small.  That is why I have 2 HUBs and a Popcorn hour to play the 4 TB I have an Windows Home server.  Spent a lot of time early to try and make it work and just gave up.  Easier to spend $100 for a WD Plus, although I bought the HUB for the nicer interface, and actually have no need of an internal HD with the WHS,