Wdtv live + ex485 = no iso play

i have a wdtv live and it can pull files from my EX485 but for some reason it does not see ISO on the server.

when i hookup an external hardrive with ISO’s it plays them no problem.

any suggestions on how to get it to see the ISO on my Media Server?

Thank you.

for example a 950MB movie (.avi) in the Server>Videos SHared folder will play, however a .ISO in the same folder will NOT??

It won’t.  Media Servers (at least that I’m aware of) don’t support DVD navigation.   An ISO is only a disc image, and most media servers will simply ignore them because they’re not necessarily Audio/Video Media.   To get at the data, the media server would need to “MOUNT” the ISO, so that it can look inside and see that it’s a collection of whatever, and then do something with the contents.