WDTV Live drops from Network and reconnects everytime a file is stopped

My WD TV Live is on a wired connection to my router. My files are shared from an “always on” computer (Win7) also wired to the same router. No issues there. Everything works fine. It never looses connection when playing any files.

My issue is that while browsing through my network share/library or when stopping a movie file (MKV,avi,mov), my Vista Laptop (Wireless to the same router) loses sight of the WDTV Live for just a second and I get an annoying disconnect/connect sound from my laptop. The Win7 computer also looses sight of the WDTV for a second, but no annoying disconnect/connect sound.

This happens evertime I stop a file, or evertime I browse from one file to the next one (I figure what is happening is that the Backdrop Photos that are playing get stopped while browsing to the next file) It seems that anytime the WDTV stops accessing any file, it drops from the network for a second and reconnects.

 I have the Laptop, the Win7 computer and the WDTV set to their own DHCP reservation.

Firmware 1.13.18 WDTV Live Streaming Media Player

Any help would be appreciated. Thx.

I only have a suggestion for a possible work-around. Find out if the Windows sound for a dropped wire-less connection can be muted in the control panel for sound.