WDTV Live does not read file list on Network Share in 1080p mode, works fine in 1080i

My WDTV Live seems to be doing something very strange and it seems to have been after FW updates. If i set it up to use 1080i it connects to the network share fine and folder structure comes up perfectly.

If howver I use any of the 1080p settings, the network share comes up and asks for authentication, but then only hangs with connecting on the screen until an error message pops up stating the network share did not respond.

This was working 100% when I got the unit. Please help…

PS: PC is Windows 7 Enterprise, SP1

WDTV Live is on the latest firmware: 1.04.31_V

Try resetting the WDTV. Press the side paperclip button for a couple of seconds and then release with the unit fully booted up.

If that doesnt work, try running a rollback to the previous firmware version and see if it still behaves the same way. 
You can find instructions on how to rollback the firmware and the links to download the previous firmwares on the Knowledge Base area of WD’s website. 

Since the Enterprise version is for business environments, and is not available for retail or OEM sale, I’d suggest getting your corporate IT department to help with getting it working properly on the corporate domain.