WDTV Live does not connect via Wi Fi

My WDTV is used to play MKV files from a HDD via USB. I’ve tried to connect it via Wi Fi and does not recognize any connection. I tried to connect manually writing the network name and password. No way. The Wi Fi netwwrk works fine with otres devices. The WDTV has got the last firmware (2.03.20). I’ve connected it to internet via wire and works fine. When I bought the WDTV, it worked fine via wi fi but it had other firmware, I think it was 2.01.86. But I also changed the Wi Fi router a couple of times, so I don’t know if it is a problem of router or WDTV. The strange of all this is all others devices work perfectly via Wi Fi. Any idea?


Does the Wi-Fi signal shows up from the WD TV?

Is the WD TV close to the Router?

Did you try re-installing the latest firmware manually?

Thanks for answering. The Wi-Fi signal does not show up in WDTV at any time. The WDTV is near to the router but I have a Wi Fi extender, so the signal is very good all around the house. I’ll try re-install the latest firmware. I’ll be back with results of tests.

Well. I rolled back to 2.01.86 firmware. The WDTV does not recognize any Wi Fi signal. Later I installed the latest version 2.03.20 and no luck.