WDTV Live corrupts Hard Disk!

Hi There,

I’m using a wdtv Live with the newest firmware 1.02.21 (3/30/10) and an external 1,5 TB TOSHIBA Hard Drive (NTFS) connected (USB).

Usually im turning off the wdtv live first with the remote control, after that i’m turning off my hard disk.

But it seems, that my hard drive is corrupted after that - windows can’t read from it, a checkdisk run is needed. After this fixed, everything works fine…

Is there a way to safely remove the harddisk from wdtv?


Use the EJECT button on the remote control (which switches to safe mode to remove/shut down the hard drive).

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tried this - and seems to work. Thank You!!!


Hmmm.   Sounds like an idea in the making:   Soft Power Off should safely eject attached storage.

I have the same problem on my USB external Samsung 1TB, now I could not connect it with my comp. to transfer data at all. I looked into ‘Disk Management’ and found the HDD’s invalid !??, searching around for options such as checkdisk something as you mentioned but i’ve found in pain.

Could someone fix this? sorry for the inconvenience.

Does the USB drive work on your computer (directly plugged into it)?  If not, you’ll need to reformat it and copy the data over to it again.

oppss, thanks for your help but formating the ext HDD is not my option. The USB ext disk is still working great with my little WD live, it just did not work with my computer for transfering data as mentioned at first of this thread.

Any advise? someone told me to get the HDD out of the box itself and directly connect it in the computer to fix the disk and then, get it back in the box. but i’m not sure and do not want to break the warranty too

Sorry, I’m a bit confused.  You say you can’t get your hard drive out of the box?  Why would you need to?  Just take the external USB disc and move it to your computer (the whole thing) and connect it via USB.  See if your computer can then read the USB disc.  That’s all I’m saying.

But you seem to say that your Live sees the disc just fine, correct?  You just can’t see the disc from your computer?  Are we on the same page here?  Because then the problem is with your network connection to the Live, which is a whole different ballgame (and probably belongs in a different thread, as this thread is about disc corruption when turning the Live off).

thanks mkelley for whole hearted reply :), maybe we misunderstood each other. finally ive found a solution and now happily watching movie again. WDTV is just like a restive horse :slight_smile: